Skittles Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe

The Skittles Shot drink is inspired from the popularity of using candy as a garnish or ingredient in cocktails, as well as the colorful and playful branding of Skittles candy. This cocktail drink began to gain popularity in the early 2000s, as it was often served at parties and bars. However, it is not clear where or when the drink was first created. A Skittles Shot is a type of cocktail made by dissolving Skittles candies in vodka. The resulting mixture is then typically poured into shot glasses and served as a sweet and colorful drink. Some variations may include the use of different types of alcohol or the addition of other ingredients such as lime juice.

Skittles Ingredients and Kitchen Tools


1 Ounce of Vodka

1 Ounce of Melon Liqueur

1 Ounce of Southern Comfort

1 Ounce of Sweet & Sour

1 Ounce of Pineapple Juice

Kitchen tools

Shaker glass

Cocktail glass

Skittles Shot Calories

Vodka 65 per oz
Melon Liqueur 79 per oz
Souther Comfort 70 per oz
Sweet and Sour 42 per oz
Pineapple Juice 17 per oz

How to Make the Skittles Shot

In a glass shaker with ice add Vodka, melon liqueur, Southern Comfort, Sweet and Sour and Pineapple juice. Mix thoroughly, and serve in shot glasses.

What kind of candy is a skittle?

Skittles were first made in 1974 by a British company, but they were later sold to Wrigley in the 90s. Skittles are now sold in over 165 countries around the world, and they are known for their bright colors and catchy slogans. They have also been used in different forms like Skittles Vodka, Skittles shots, Skittles ice cream etc.

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