Man o’ War Cocktail Drink Shot Recipe

Man o' War Cocktail Ingredients and Kitchen Tools


2 oz of Bourbon

1/2 oz of Sweet Vermouth

1 oz of Orange curacao

1/2 Oz of lemon juice

For decoration twisted lemon and 1 maraschino cherry.


Kitchen tools

Shaker Glass

Cocktail glass

Man o' War Cocktail Calories

Bourbon70 per oz
Sweet Vermouth47 per oz
Orange Curacao87 per oz
Lemon Juice6 per oz
Lemon8 per oz
Maraschino cherry45 per oz

How to Make the Man o' War Cocktail

Add all the ingredients in the cocktail shaker, shake strongly until well mixed, and serve in your favorite cocktail glass. Garnish with the twisted lemon and the maraschino cherry.

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