Smokers Cough Shot Cocktail Drink Recipe

The Smokers Cough Shot cocktail is a popular drink among whiskey and bourbon lovers. The combination of whiskey or bourbon, honey, and lemon juice creates a sweet and sour flavor, while the bitters and ginger add a bit of complexity and spice to the drink. The name “Smokers Cough Shot” is a reference to the … Read more

Red Headed Slut Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe

Red Headed Slut Shot Drink Cocktail Ingredients and Kitchen Tools   Ingredients 1 measurement of Jagermeister 1 measurement of Peach Schnapps 1 measurement of Cranberry Juice Decorate with raspberry Kitchen tools Shot Glass Stirrer stick Bar utensils Red Headed Slut Shot Calories How to do it Mix vigorously all the ingredients and ice in a … Read more