Brandy Manhattan Cocktail Drink Shot Recipe

Brandy Manhattan Cocktail Drink Shot Recipe

Ingredients and Kitchen Tools



2 ounces of Brandy

1/2 ounces of dry Vermouth

1/2 ounces of sweet Vermouth

2 dashes Angostura bitters

Decorate with maraschino cherry

Kitchen tools

Cocktail Glass

Shaker glass

Bar tools

Brandy Manhattan Calories

Brandy70 per ounce
Dry Vermouth35 per ounce
Sweet Vermouth47 per ounce
Angostura bitters80 per ounce

How to do it

After Placing the maraschino cherry in a cold cocktail glass then pour the ingredients in a shaker glass with ice and mix well. Fill the cocktail glass and enjoy.

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