Blue Lemonade Drink Shot Cocktail Recipe

Blue Lemonade Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe Ingredients and Kitchen Tools



1 ounce of Rum

1/2 ounce of raspberry Vodka

1 ounce lemon Juice

2 ounces of punch pucker

Sparkling lemonade

Kitchen tools

Cocktail  Glass

Bar utensils

Shaker Glass

Blue Lemonade Calories

Raspberry Vodka69 per ounce
Rum65 per ounce
Lemon juice6 per ounce
Punch pucker72 per ounce
Sparkling lemonade13.8 per ounce

How to Make the Blue Lemonade Drink

Fill your shaker glass with, raspberry Vodka, rum, punch pucker, lemon juice and ice. Mix thoroughly and top with sparkling lemonade.

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