Best Wine Coolers under $500

Wine fridges are normally expensive appliances, and normally people don't have the necessary time to research for example the best wine coolers under $500. Nevertheless more affordable are not plenty, there are some of them that are more than decent quality at these prices.

It is possible to find thermoelectric wine coolers, compressor or motor functioning wine coolers in reasonable price ranges, and you can find the best thermoelectric wine coolers if someone guide you in the right direction.

Thermoelectric wine coolers are quite budget efficient, use less energy and its noise is quieter than other kinds of fridges, but like most thing in life has some limitations ,and this is that they can barely achieve less than 50 degrees. This is a drawback for persons that want to storage not only wine, but beverages like beer or cold drinks that need a cooler storage temperature.

That is why some people prefers coolers that work with compressors or motors that even though are more expensive and a little noisier, can get lower temperatures. Here we have a sample of both types of wine coolers that we think that give good value and at the same time are under$500.

High Life DC 12 Bottle Freestanding35 liters50-64°F Check
Nutrichef PKCWC120Freestanding33 liters41 - 64° Check
BLACK+DECKER 14 BottlesCountertop10 liters40° to 64° F Check

1.-High Life DC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Thermoelectric Cooling

This thermoelectric wine Cooler is for you in case that you are looking for a product that is going to get the lowest temperature of 50 degrees, and at the same time is for budget conscious people, The capacity is appropriate, and if you want to save space you will be happy with the High Life DC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator . Besides the unit is really quite, which is the advantage that the thermoelectric technology shows over compressor or motor equipments. 

Also the design is very good looking, and if you think that this wine cooler comes at an excellent price you will understand that it is a great value item. The vertical and horizontal shelves will permit you to store already opened bottles and the bottles that are not opened yet.

The range of 50°F to 64°F is perfect for the proper mantaintion of wine bottles and the fact that it is possible to adjust the temperature makes it even more customizable.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Interior light


No strong temperature changes

Efficient energy consumption

Fan work non stop




2.-Nutrichef PKCWC120 Mini Wine Cooler


The Nutrichef PKCWC120 Mini Wine Cooler looks great and it is compact enough to fit in most of the dining rooms, and gives you the ability of storing 12 bottles of wine. It maintains a steady temperature and even though you hear the compressor, it is not loud by any means. The machine comes with a precision compressor cooling technology that can be adjusted by a temperature control that can be observed thanks to the integrated LED lights that are in the interior.

To guarantee the cool temperature, the unit has a fan for air circulation, and a reinforced glass door with airtight seal, adding the adjustable digital button which displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

Its aesthetic design allows placing it in any rooms of your house, being the compact size a great feature for people that want a wine cooler that can be use, both, as countertop or freestanding position.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Dual zone


Digital temperature controls

Space saving

Temperature range limited




3.-BLACK+DECKER 14 Bottles, Wine Cooler

If you think that you are buying a wine cooler made from such a prestigious company as BLACK & DECKER at this price, you probably will conclude that this is a really good value unit. The design is good and you can switch the hinge on the door, which a nice detail. The unboxing and setup is simple which is a plus for people that don’t have the time or are not on the mood to be bothered with these kinds of tasks.

The cooling system works quite fast and the temperature goes down in a little while after the equipment has been plugged in.

The unit can store up to 14 of regular bottles of wine, Prosecco or Champagne, and its dimensions are 17.5” x 18.6” x 19.6" which is great for these types of small wine cellars

In order to keep your wine properly, the BLACK & DECKER Wine Cooler  with Compressor maintain its temperature stable and the vibration that often affects the quality flavor and even color oy the wine, I almost nonexistent. The temperature range is adequate at 40° to 64° F.

The quality price ratio is good, and definitely the product is of great value.



            We Like

              We Don't Like

Exterior temperature controls

Quiet functioning

Easy setup

Limited temperature control



Closing Thoughts

Summarizing, finding the best wine coolers under 500 is not a walk in the park, but is doable. The reviews that we have shown in this article shows some units that offer great quality and reasonable prices. We have also focused on the size of them, meaning that we looked for coolers that were not excessively big, so can be placed in several areas of the home. These products are good value, giving excellent functioning at a low cost considering the prices of the most of the wine coolers offered in the market.

like for example the fact that they don’t have moving parts makes the so preservation much easier and even the fix costs much lower. Also for the same reason the lifespan o this coolers is longer than other types of them, that without thinking about the benefit that the lack of vibration that its functioning displays, meaning that there is no movements that shakes the wine inside the cooler.

Other advantage is that this kind of technology is considerably less noisy than for example wine fridges that use a compressor, and the use of fans for air circulation means that the units are much quieter than the ones that use a motor. In terms of environment this technology is much friendlier due that the absences of damaging materials or emissions like hydrochlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons.

The drawback that these coolers presents is that the cooling range is limited, an if you like your favorite beer extremely cool the thermoelectrical coolers are not able to satisfy your preference.

Finally one issue that cannot be avoided is that the best thermoelectrical wine coolers are definitely cheaper than most of the wine fridges out there.