Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers

These kinds of appliances remain a popular solution for people who want to storage wine in a cost efficient way with a realistic amount of space. Also persons can find the best thermoelectric wine coolers easily, due that they are widely available and the installation is really simple.

Thermoelectric wine refrigerators give you most of the features that a classic wine cellar does, like for example a stable cool temperature,a dual-paned or UV resistant glass doors to protect wine from harmful UV rays. By keeping your wine inside a wine fridge, your wine will age in its ideal environment and develop the taste and aromas intended by the winemaker.and a strong racking structure to store your wine in a properly manner that allows you preserve the bouquet and flavor that came originally with your recently acquired bottles of wine.

The goal of this work is not only help you to decide which is the right option of thermoelectric wine refrigerators given the actual availability outhere, but also hand out some details about the functioning of the equipment itself.

Top Thermoelectric Wine Refrigerators Use

To easy understand the choices of wine coolers on offer is useful to know that normally you are going to find 2 types of cooling systems; Thermoelectric and machines that use a compressor.

Nevertheless both of them achieve the desired purpose of cooling beverages, they work in a quite different manner.

The Peltier effect is the source of the thermoelectric functioning, and consists in the creation of a disparity between the external and internal temperature provoked by the use of an electric current.

The utilization of an electrolyzed metal rod is to remove the heat from the interior of the cellar. Later on, the use of a small fan allows allocating the cool air all over the interior of the thermoelectric wine cooler. Due to the lack of compressors, alternating mechanisms, or motors, these units avoid the overload of noise and vibrations.

Koolatron EliteFreestanding18 liters39-72°FCheck
BLACK+DECKER 12 BottleFreestanding33 liters46-66°FCheck
High Life DC 12 Bottle Freestanding35 liters50-64°F Check
Koolatron Urban 18 Bottle Freestanding13 liters54-66°F Check
Maisee Wine Cooler Countertop Countertop13 litersUpper: 44-54°F
Lower: 54-65°F
Koolatron Urban Series 10 Freestanding7.5 liters46-66°F Check

1.- BLACK+DECKER 12 Bottle Wine Cellar, Thermoelectric

For starters, just say that the BLACK & DECKER 12 Bottle Wine Cellar even though it is not completely silent, it is reasonably quiet. Also the red wine bottles can kept at an appropriate temperature of 55 degrees maintaining the quality and flavor of it, and its size(10” x 20.4” x 24.9”)  make it practical, making possible to place it easily under the cabinets of your kitchen.

The capacity is okay, and wine bottles of unusual forms can be stored without problems. The interior comes with a lightning that can be switched on and off and 5 full-length chrome racks that can be removed. Besides the thermoelectric cooling system helps to save energy making these coolers from Black & Decker great value items.

Finally it worth to say that the firm gives a one-year warranty for parts and labor, so you don’t have to be worried about any future problem regarding your purchasement.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Efficient temperature control

Simple setup

Steady temperature

Easy leveling

Just a little noisy




2.-High Life DC 12 Bottle Wine Cooler Refrigerator with Thermoelectric Cooling


If you are looking to storage wine the High Life DC 12 Bottle Wine Thermoelectric Cooler is appropriate, giving you the lowest temperature of 50 degrees which is great to storage white wine. The capacity is limited but adequate if you think that these kinds of compact wine coolers are intended to save space.

The product is also budget friendly, showing good value given its size, quality and that the noise emitted by this unit is very low.

Its lustrous and classy look makes it possible that it can be placed not only in your kitchen but also in your dining or living room.

The shelves allow you to storage both ways vertical and horizontal, the first to give you the ability to keep already opened bottles and the later the classic shelves that are used in wine storage. The cooling temperature range of 50°F to 64°F can be adjusted, and it is possible to be watched in the in the LED display especially designed for it.

            We Like

              We Don't Like


Energy saver

Stable temperature

Internal lightning

The fan work constantly




3.-Koolatron Urban Series 18 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler


Duals zone is one of the greatest features of the Koolatron Urban Series 18 Bottle thermoelectric Wine Cooler, and the balanced size that lets you storage a considerable amount of bottle and at the same time don’t get overboard in the space department is a plus. Also the unit lack of any vibration and is extremely quiet. The temperature ranges are between 54 and 66°F and 46-66°F depending on the area of the cooler and the dual zone cooling system which is thought to offer separately controlled temperature zones to keep different types of wine.

The unit also comes with external touch screen controls with a digital display to regulate the temperature in each area and switch on and of the LED light that is inside the cooler without the necessity to open the door.

And last but not least, it is great to have a thermoelectric wine cooler that is freestanding and space saving at the same time.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Dual zone


Digital temperature controls

Space saving

Temperature range limited




4.-Maisee Wine Cooler Countertop


The look of this thermoelectric wine cooler is great, and the fact that is countertop will make it a nice addition to your home. Also the unit is quick to achieve the desired temperature and the setup is simple. The dual zone element is a highlight of the Maisee Wine Cooler considering these styles of small wine fridges, and the capacity of both zones combined is 12 bottles. Its light weight and small size (13.6”W x19.3”D x 26.0”H ) makes it easy to maneuver and easily placed in cabinet spaces.

Drawbacks that could be named are that the temperature controls does not remember your temperature settings in case of any unexpected power outage, and that the interior light switch is located inside which it is some kind of odd when you want to keep the internal temperature of the wine cooler stable. Anyways we think that the product is good value for the money, regarding the pros and cons that it shows and the price that can be found on Amazon.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Well packaged

Correct specifications

Simple temperature controls

Easy to manipulate

Doesn't keep temperature settings




5.- Koolatron Urban Series 10 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

When looking for a budget efficient and good looking thermoelectric wine cooler, there is no doubt that the Koolatron Urban Series 10 Bottle Wine Cooler is a good option which with its touch screen external controls and digital displays represents an excellent chance to acquire a luxury item that normally is reserved for people that have steep pockets. All this is designed to evade the variations of temperature provoked by the constant opening and closing of the fridge door when checking the settings. Behind that the fact that this unit can be use as a freestanding or countertop is extremely useful, and the only thing that you need to place it in your desired location is a power source in the proximity.

Other important feature is that the double-paned mirrored glass door gives to your wine protection against the harmful UV rays that often affect other wine fridges. As of the majority of the thermoelectric coolers this article it will help you to limit your energy expenses.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Good looking

Easy to locate

Not noisy

Energy saving

Difficult temperature toggle




6.- Koolatron Elite Series

Even though this is not a thermoelectric wine cooler, we thought that it would be a good idea to present a compressor wine cooler as an alternative for people that is inclined to get a better product, no matter if the price is steeper.

The Koolatron Dual Zone Beverage Wine Cooler portrays a modern design, comes with a trustworthy compressor cooling system and two separate storage settings that allow to keep different kinds of beverages in each one of them.

The bottle racks are made from top of the line beech wood, and the handles and the frame of the door from stainless steel.

The refrigerator is compact enough to avoid the excessive use of space, but at the same time is able to store a significant amount of bottles and cans in the 2 separate areas of this extremely functional appliance.

Definitely if you can afford it, this cooler really worth it.


            We Like

              We Don't Like

Efficient temperature control

Simple setup

Steady temperature

Easy leveling

Just a little noisy




How the Top Best Thermoelectric Wine Coolers Work

Closing Thoughts

Wrapping up, the best thermoelectric wine coolers present several positives, like for example the fact that they don’t have moving parts makes the so preservation much easier and even the fix costs much lower. Also for the same reason the lifespan o this coolers is longer than other types of them, that without thinking about the benefit that the lack of vibration that its functioning displays, meaning that there is no movements that shakes the wine inside the cooler.

Other advantage is that this kind of technology is considerably less noisy than for example wine fridges that use a compressor, and the use of fans for air circulation means that the units are much quieter than the ones that use a motor. In terms of environment this technology is much friendlier due that the absences of damaging materials or emissions like hydrochlorofluorocarbons and chlorofluorocarbons.

The drawback that these coolers presents is that the cooling range is limited, an if you like your favorite beer extremely cool the thermoelectrical coolers are not able to satisfy your preference.

Finally one issue that cannot be avoided is that the best thermoelectrical wine coolers are definitely cheaper than most of the wine fridges out there.