Best Dual Zone Wine Coolers

These wine fridges are normally not cheap, but people love them because they can store not only wine but also other types of beverage like beer or even cold drinks at different temperatures.

There are many of them, so if you want to find the best dual zone wine coolers, you have to invest a big deal of time and effort. This is the main reason because we decided to help a little talking about these appliances.  These fridges normally use a compressor and achieve lower temperatures than most of other types of wine coolers.

It is possible to find thermoelectric wine coolers, compressor or motor functioning wine coolers in reasonable price ranges, and you also can find the best thermoelectric wine coolers if someone guide you in the right direction.

Thermoelectric wine coolers are quite budget efficient, use less energy and its noise is quieter than other kinds of fridges, but like most thing in life has some limitations ,and one of them is that they can barely achieve less than 50 degrees. This is a drawback for persons that want to store not only wine, but beverages like beer or cold drinks that need a cooler storage temperature.

That is why some people prefers coolers that work with compressors or motors that even though are more expensive and a little noisier, can get lower temperatures.

1.-Nutrichef PKCWC120 Mini Wine Cooler


The Nutrichef PKCWC120 Mini Wine Cooler looks great and it is compact enough to fit in most of the dining rooms, and gives you the ability of storing 12 bottles of wine. It maintains a steady temperature and even though you hear the compressor, it is not loud by any means. The machine comes with a precision compressor cooling technology that can be adjusted by a temperature control that is observed thanks to the integrated LED lights that are in the interior.

To guarantee the cool temperature, the unit has a fan for air circulation, and a reinforced glass door with airtight seal, adding the adjustable digital button which displays the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.

Its aesthetic design allows placing it in any rooms of your house, being the compact size a great feature for people that want a wine cooler that can be use, both, as countertop or freestanding positions.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Reliable temperature control

Not noisy

Ample storage capacity

Dual zone

No negatives found




2.-Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler w/Lock

This wine cooler is quiet and definitely is dual zone, keeping the two zone cooling areas independent and at the right temperature. Also most of the bottles fit very well, but of course when you storage bottle of odds forms you have to accommodate them in a special manner.

The front panel display is great, and if you spend some time experimenting with different settings, you will see that the Ivation 33 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler w/Lock is a really efficient unit. The functioning, aspect, and the dual temperature control, makes it a machine that is very complete and will satisfy many of their users. Also the ample storage area is able to keep atypical sizes that normally do not fit in other types of wine coolers.

Its temperature is kept stable and the ranges of 54 - 64°F in the upper zone and 41 - 57°F in the lower zone are particularly adequate to storage not only red and white wines, but also other kinds of beverages like beer and so on.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Dual zone


Digital temperature controls

Space saving

Temperature range limited




3.- BODEGA Dual Zone Wine Cooler 

The design of the BODEGA Dual Zone Wine Cooler with the blue light is so attractive that can be even used as a piece of furniture in your living room. Its shelves with the wooden end cap are adjustable to accommodate different sizes of cans and bottles, and also can be easily seen across the glass doors.

The great feature of the dual zone wine coolers is that you can stock different types of beverages, and this one is very efficient due that comes with a great layout. Its dimensions are: 2.75''W*11.8‘’H.

As a compressor functioning cooler Combined with a fan circulation system, the machine will make some amount of noise and vibration, but in our opinion it is not something that should be a big issue. The temperature control is effective, and the left zone gives you a temperature range of 41-68ºF,  while the right zone offers a range of 38-50°F.

            We Like

              We Don't Like

Exterior temperature controls

Quiet functioning

Easy setup

Limited temperature control



Closing Thoughts

Getting the best dual zone wine coolers is not so difficult, but the problem is that there are so many  products that is not easy to make a decision when the moment to do the purchasement arrives. We analyzed many units, but we have chosen the wine coolers that taught were the best value outhere. Also we choose  different sizes  to give alternatives for people that have alternatives amounts of space. Price ranges were also chosen in a manner that many budgets would be able to acquire these wine coolers.

Finally the reviews that are present in this article has been intended to show dual zone wine coolers that we found to be excellent value for the money.