Abortion Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe

Abortion Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe Ingredients and Kitchen Tools


1 ounce of Bailey's

1 ounce of white creme de cacao

1 shot of grenadine syrup

1 ounce of amaretto


Kitchen tools

Shot  Glass

Bar utensils

Stirrer stick

Abortion Shot Drink Cocktail Recipe Calories

Bailey's107 per ounce
Creme de cacao72 per ounce
Grenadine syrup77 per ounce
Amaretto110 per ounce

How to do it

In a shot glass pours the creme de cacao, and then carefully add the amaretto and the Bailey's successively to create a 3 layer set up. Then introduce a toothpick in the bottom of the glass and then drip some grenadine to make it float at the bottom of it.



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